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Member Guidelines:

ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSE:  To promote member Festivals via information and resource sharing between our members and to enhance the quality and attendance level of our festival events.


CURRENT MEMBERSHIP: Each of the following is considered one official delegation:

  1.     WA State Apple Blossom Festival and Wenatchee Applarians, Wenatchee, WA

  2.     Spokane Lilac Festival, Spokane, Washington

  3.     New Westminster B.C. Canada Hyack Festival

  4.     Portland Royal Rosarians (represents Portland Rose Festival as hosting group and Portland Rose Society), Portland, OR

  5.    Marysville Strawberry Festival, Marysville, WA

  6.    Olympia Capital Lakefair Festival, Olympia, WA

  7.    Seattle Seafair Commodores (represents Seattle Seafair Festival as hosting group). Seattle, WA

  8.    Penticton Peach Festival, Penticton, B.C. Canada

  9.    WA State Autumn Leaf Festival & Royal Bavarians, Leavenworth, WA



Section 1 Membership:

A.  Membership is limited to the following

1.  Organizations which provide a festival which includes a parade and a hosting weekend festival packet.

          2.  Festivals located within British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington are eligible.

3.  Organizations which provide a float, marching unit and/or other parade unit which may include, but is not limited to, a motorized vehicle the proper adornment that features the Executive Officer, or  designee of the organization to participate in the festival of the other members, subject to  the rules of the festival organizers of the parade.  Note some parades require a float to participate in their festival parade.

B.  New Member Application Procedures:

1.  Send a letter of request to the NWFHG through one of the existing members, preferably the next Annual Conference Host Organization stating an intention to apply for full membership.

2. Make a presentation at the next NWFHG Annual Conference (currently held the third weekend of January) regarding how your Festival will meet the required elements listed in C below.

C.  New Member Festival Acceptance Factors:

1. The Festival will not occur on the same dates as a current NWFHG member Festival.

          2. Your Parade and a Festival Hosting Weekend Packet must be available and include the following items.

                 a. A function at which the official representatives of each visiting NWFHG Festival are publicly


                 b. A presentation of your Festival emblem to each of the official representatives of the NWFHG

                 Festivals in attendance of the NWFHG conference

                 c. An opportunity for each member Festival to promote participation in their festival during your


                 d. Festival gifts to visiting Festival Leaders or Designee Representatives is optional. (2016)

3.  Acceptance of the new member will be by simple majority vote of the voting delegates of the NWFHG present.  Two votes will be given to each of the existing member delegations present at the Annual Conference and this vote will be taken during this January meeting following the new member festival applicant and packet year.


Section 2. Official Member Delegation Responsibilities:

A.  Send representatives to the Annual NWFHG Conference in January.

B.  Provide a float, marching unit and/or other parade unit which may include, but is not limited to a motorized vehicle with proper adornment that features the Executive Officer or his/her designee of the organization to participate in the festivals of the other members.  Note that some festivals only allow participation with a float and you must comply with the Parade Organization’s rules as some Hosting Organizations do not have control over parade rules and regulations.

C.  Send an official Festival representative preferably your President or top titled leader or appointee to each member Festival.

D.  Provide a Festival Hosting Weekend Packet for your Festival.

E.  Promote attendance at ALL of the other member Festivals Hosting Weekends and Parades.


Section 3. Membership Meetings

A.  An annual meeting of the NWFHG will be held in January of each year.

B.  The annual meeting will serve at least six purposes:

           1.  Review of existing policies and procedures of the NWFHG.

           2.  Review and critique of the previous years’ Festivals parades and hosting packets.

           3.  Preview the upcoming Festival year.

           4.  Set the location for the annual meeting to occur three years hence.

           5.  Consider new Festivals for membership.

           6.  Conduct workshops on hosting and festival activities to foster and promote growth and vitality of the NWFHG member Festivals.

           7.  Conduct any new business that may be presented before NWFHG.

C.  Voting:  Each official delegation will have two votes and each Festival shall designate which of their attendees will cast those votes.

D.  Participation:  Any individual member of a NWFHG Festival may upon payment of the appropriate registration fee attend the annual meeting.


Section 4. Policies and Procedures:

A.  These enumerated policies and procedures will serve as guidelines for both existing and for new member festival candidates.

B.  Policies and procedures can only be amended and adopted at the annual meeting of NWFHG by a simple majority of the voting members present.


Section 5. Sanctions:

A.  Member groups who fail to meet the requirements of membership may be removed from the NWFHG.

B.  At the annual January meeting, if the annual review of a member group activity indicates non-compliance with the policies and procedures of NWFHG that member group will be notified in writing of the items of non-compliance after a simple majority of the voting members present.

C.  The following year at the annual January meeting a vote by simple majority will be taken to keep the previously notified group or remove it as a member of the NWFHG depending on its corrections of deficiencies.

D.  Reinstatement of a past member will be considered only after meeting all criteria for New Member  Application Procedure outlined in Section 1. Membership B and C.

E.  Any member may request withdraw from NWFHG by presenting a letter of withdrawal at the annual January meeting.


2001 NW Festival Hosting Conference

Original document by committee members Claire Burlingame, Royal Bavarian, Leavenworth, Dr. Dick Clifton, Royal Rosarian, Portland, Tom Hansen, Bob Mardian and Grant Smith.

2002 Revisions approved by conference voting members and update by Sue Klobertanz, Royal Rosarian, Portland, Oregon on 1/20/2002

2016 Revision approved by conference voting members and updated by Carla Stenberg, Royal Rosarian, Portland, Oregon 1/16/2016.

2019 Revision approved by vote of the other nine festival members for Daffodil Festival to suspend their membership on 1/20/2019. Updated by Carla Stenberg, Royal Rosarian, Portland Oregon 1/20/2019.

2024 New Westminster Hyack Festival sent letter of immediate resignation. Member guidelines provide for no acceptance vote. Statement of fact. Group voted to keep their weekend open for one year to allow them to potentially return.

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