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NW Festival Hospitality Weekends

Festival Hospitality Weekends offer an opportunity for our members along with their friends, family and guests to enjoy celebrating each city's unique history, traditions, and symbols with parades, great food and fun activities.  We stay in a "host hotel", experience a formal evening or ball, a costumed "fun" night often with dancing and a farewell breakfast.  Each Festival offers some activities special to their festival, whether it is the Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest in Marysville, the Seattle Seafair Commodore Secret Mission Evening or the Portland Royal Rosarians planting a rose in each city to honor the contributions of each Festival leader to their community. Take a look on the Hospitality Packets Page under Hospitality Weekends above for a link to each packet to learn more about what each Festival offers. Then come join us to learn more about Festivals and why they are essential celebrations in our communities.

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