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Float Materials & Resources For Sale

Portland Rose Festival
Grand Floral Parade Mini Floats
Rose City Float Designs, LLC
Gary Stenberg, 503-522-2989

Macaroon Coconut for Mini Floats

White $4.00 lb.; Dyed Colors $11-13 lb.

One pound covers 5 square feet.  

Order Deadline April 1st and we can custom dye colors in small 1 lb. - 10 lb. amounts.

Call Carla Stenberg 503-348-6688

Flower Orders for Mini Floats Due April 1st to Carla Stenberg.

Also various seeds, grains, grasses, barks, and evergreen boughs available from the Mini Float program.


Float Consulting, Designing & Building

Float Festoon Garland,fringe and Petal Paper/Sheeting available. 

Custome designs only or complete design to finished float.

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